Web Hosting

ownrox Offers state-of-the-art web hosting services to all its customers around the globe. The quality of your website is actually gauged by your visitors with the speed at which it loads and serves contents to the users.

The loading speed of a website primarily decided by two factors the quality of website designing and website development and most importantly the type of web hosting that you have opted for.

Lite Plus
For those 'Getting Started'

INR 99/mo.

Basic blogs, personal, or business website
For average sized websites

INR 199/mo.

Active belogger and websites with average traffic
Sliver Plus
No.1 choice for business

INR 599/mo.

For a single heavily-trafficked website or multiple average-size websites
For heavy traffic websites

INR 999/mo.

For Growing business with scaling needs

While making a decision for the best web hosting solution for your organization the following points should always be kept in mind:

Uptime guarantee offered by the web hosting provider Location of the web hosting servers. Allowed Bandwidth usage by Web hosting provider. Turn around time provided by your web hosting provider on Support requests. Does your web hosting company provide you with hosting plans that suit your requirements.